Plants & People Have Skeletal an Anatomical Comparisons

The Skeletal Structure of Plants Pair With Vitality!

 Root Esasential Oils have an affinity to all the reflexology connectors in the feet, which trigger all the vital  organs in our body. Root essential oils are  grounding, stabilizing, and strengthening just like the roots of the trees and feet of people.  Essential oils placed on the feet, is a jolt and a  alarm to the immune system.  Little fingerlet chords at the end of nerves trigger a pulse which  heads  to the organ it targets.  Our roots spread far and wide to  enjoy the ride with 

Moon Tide which isgrounding, stabilizing, and strengthening.

B.     Wood Essential Oil opens consciousness, traditional use for rituals, meditation, and yoga. Develops strength and endurance.

C.      Flower Essential Oil
1)      Many floral oils have an affinity with the reproductive system. The favored aromas for the reproductive system are  rose and jasmine.  
2)     AllurenBodyLotion with pure aroma of  Rose, Jasmine, and YlangYlang nurture conception  by alluring  sensual, uplifting romance.

    Leaf Essential Oils have a strong affinity for the Respiratory System.
   Leaves are the Lungs in Plants.
    Leaf Oils pair with our lungs for different reasons.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil, a broad spectrum
 anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti fungal.

                               Fruit Essential Oil
   Nourishment for our mind and emotions. Rainbows, full spectrum color wheel, is an expression of The Creators' creativity.


                                                    Resin Essential Oil  
                         Yoga and Meditation Frankincense
                     opens awareness while peaceful energy flows.  

p                                            Peaceful energy flows.
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