Saturday, November 10, 2012

Whole Plant Extracts In a Shampoo bar and Vitality Lotion Tonic Conditioner.

For personal satisfaction I use the Shampoo bar soap, 'All In One' for bathing, shaving, and shampooing. I am not particular about which shampoo bar (usually Rosemary for brunettes). When I am ready to rinse out the lather I add the Vitality lotion tonic to my scalp and hair. 

I work my fingers through the hair to detangle and strengthen the hair shaft. By feeling the hair I make sure I do not feel any conditioner (it will have a sticky feeling). If there is a sticky area, simply rub the shampoo bar on the hair and rinse again. Your hair will feel like hair not cream rinse. As you hair begins to dry, or if you blow dry, spray the hydrosol on your hair, it will hydrate your hair and scalp, and continue to spray your hair with your favorite hydrosol. 

It helps keep your hair moisturized, shiny, and static free. To set or hold the hair to style, use the Vitality lotion tonic for treatment. A light coating on your hand then apply to the hair for manageability and style. I am pleased with the vitality whole plant extracts reserve.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Clary Sage Vital Benefits


  Clary sage is an impressive essential oil in and intimate sense a companion for women.  It is a good tonic for the womb during painful periods and spotty menstruation. During menopause, clary sage oil can help reduce hot flushes, palpitations, night sweats, irritability, as well as dizziness and headaches.  Avoid alcohol consumption if serious about trying an alternative approach that requires clary sage oil, they have adverse reactions with each other.  Clary sage hydrosol has a very low percentage of the essential oil, and does not test the same for adverse reactions with alcohol.   Clary Sage Hydrosol contains all of the water from the plant.  The water of the plant is actually the vapor which is steam and all the constituents such as vitamins, minerals, phyto- nutrients and active chemical constituents are all released from the steam, it is cooled thru the cooling chamber and condensed as a water when bottled.  Clary water is loaded with all the chemical components of the plant in minute amounts.   

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