Friday, March 22, 2019

Nature’s Band Aid for Vericose Veins

     Did you ever wonder what it would take to make an invisible bandage for vericose veins? One that will adhere and support your skin, without binding and constricting your pulse and circulation?  
     Anna’s Secret Soothing Serum, designed with herbal extracts and essential oils, quickly conditions the skin bringing the swelling down and improving your circulation. The burden vericose veins can cause on your daily routines, your ability to work long hours on your feet, or to enjoy an energetic life style, is possible without discomfort, swelling, and depression because you have to slow down.  
     You will notice the surface of the vein is not tender to the touch and the swelling went down.  I think of Soothing Serum as more of a vapor than the mist that it is, because the soothing effects are achieved quickly.  The ingredients speak for the synergistic appeal to reverse this skin condition.  Let me share the effective synergy of 4 of the 5 ingredients in Soothing Serum, Horse Chestnut, Lavender and Basil for their synergistic appeal. 

     Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum),  is documented as a topical, for external use on vericose veins.  Horse Chestnut was one of the classic remedies for “passive venous congestion”, William Boericke, 1927. Passive venous congestion, is sluggish and stagnant fluid, which is why the veins float to the extremity of the skins surface. Two of the symptoms indicated with this skin condition is vericose veins and swelling in the limbs and feet.   Anna's Secret Soothing Serumsupports and restores the skins circulatory system, creating a fast reacting synergistic first-aid. 

     Lavender Essential Oil, stimulates the extension of the capillary network in the skin. This increased extension of the capillary blood flow on the surface of the skin is cooling and relaxing to the nerves and the skin. This cooling and soothing effect nurtures and oxidizes the skin, supporting a stronger metabolism and comforting the surface of the skin.

     Rosemary Essential Oil increases the warmth and stimulation in the skin while oxidizing the capillaries within the skin.  It is also a topical analgesic which is comforting and soothing on the tender veins.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile)

Chamomile, Roman (Chamaemelum nobile)  

Chamomile, a petite herb, laced delicately with a feminine flair. She nurtures the female reproductive system and supports healthy beauty with natural skincare.

Chamomile contains esters, angelic acid and tiglic acids, which are active components that are documented to help nerve induced friction and fatigue from mental stress which may cause headaches. It is calming for upset bellies associated with morning sickness and pregnancy; the esters neutralize bad acids which cause nausea in general. The anti-stress properties run deep along the central nervous system, relaxing fatigue and muscular spasms, gag impulses and nervous tension headaches.
Chamomile reduces lower back pain triggered by the menstrual cycle. This is where her power really comes in to play. An ounce of dried Chamomile infused in a quart of hot water. Steep and Strain. Beware of Anodyne, her bite is bitter but her effects are sweet, relieving the pressure at the core of pain center.  If it's a struggle to get the tea down, sweeten and add lemon, citric acid will neutralize the bitter flavor to a degree, it is a lot more tolerable.

Chamomile, you are a sweat delight,
but your kick with an alarming bite.
Anodyne, are you worth the astringency?
The taste of the tea at this ratio is so bitter for me!
Add your honey and a squeeze of lemon, you will be so relieved, the pain will ease.
Draw a bath, add chamomile oil, relax and breathe.  
Roman Chamomile Essential Oil added to your bath will help immensely. Chamomile oil reduces muscle contractions. It's actions are calming and comforting.

Keep in mind you will feel better with holistic natural skincare products.
Chamomile Cream will add another layer of comfort, it's calming cooling properties are soothing and feel really good on hot spots, eczema, and dry itchy skin.
Chamomile Cream

Chamomile oil restricts the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms, which is why it is used as an antiseptic. Chamomile oil repairs skin tissue and helps with new skin regeneration and calms down inflammation in the skin that causes redness.
Chamomile helps protect hair from harsh environmental elements. Chamomile oil prevents the excessive build up of oils in the scalp leaving your hair lighter, shinier, and cleaner for a longer period of time. Chamomile is a natural skin enhancer, it balances the oil production of the skin, it helps reduce acne, also provides a natural glow to the skin and healthy beauty.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Prevent Signs of Aging and Restore Healthy Beauty

                                                                 Frankincense Essential Oil 
                                  Prevent Signs of Aging and Restore Healthy Beauty 
    Frankincense nurtures and restores healthy skin, improving elasticity and its tone. The variety of active constituents work as a defense mechanism against bacteria that causes blemishes, and reduces the appearance of scars caused by acne.  
To use on your complexion, add five drops of Frankincense Essential Oil to a pan of hot water. Soak a face towel in Frankincense water, ring out towel and apply over your face. Refresh towel in warm water, repeat several times.                                      
Frankincense Essential Oil, regenerates healthy beauty by preventing the appearance of fine lines and dull skin; these are the signs of degenerative skin, as we begin to age. It helps tone and lifts the skin. Restore healthy beauty with a natural glow, for a youthful appearance.  
It is also beneficial for constituting new healthy cell; this regeneration replaces scars, and stretch marks with soft supple healthy skin tissue.  
Frankincense Ultimate Tonic Lotion, has moisturizing benefits that are beneficial for dry or cracked skin. With an added refreshing quality, it's anti-inflammatory constituents for muscles and joints.
Enjoy the benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil in our Frankincense Ultimate Tonic Lotion  

Nature’s Band Aid for Vericose Veins

     Did you ever wonder what it would take to make an invisible bandage for  vericose  veins? One that will adhere and  support  your ski...