Friday, January 29, 2010

The Effects From Dry Atmosphere On Our Body

Ions are floating in the air around us all of the time and have either negative or positive charges. Changes in their concentrations or in the ratio of positively to negatively charged molecules can have remarkable effects on plants, people and animals. It is known in science that ion depletion is the source of a wide range of human health problems, both mental and physical.

These air ions are important to you because if they have a high proportion of negative ions in the clusters you will feel lively, uplifted and enthusiastic. Too many positive ions in the clusters will have you feeling depressed, lethargic and full of aches, pains and complaints, and dehydrated with very dry skin. At first your skin is rough, dry and flaky. The skins health progressively gets worse, because positive ions create free radicals, which harden the lipids in the cell nucleus, causing wrinkles and cracks in the skin. Free radicals as they multiply can lead to more serious health issues.
Essential Oils contain negative ions and balance the dry static atmosphere. They are similar effect on us as the atmosphere after a soaking rain. When the sunshine's and the moisture begins to evaporate, the ether is a sweet vapor. It energizes and makes people happy, or at least they become aware of how nice the atmosphere is. We can create this atmosphere indoors.

Put essential oils in your diffuser on a regular basis. Mist essential oils in your bathroom. Or if you have a humidifier put essential oils in the water, or on the back of the stove in your pot of water.
The air you breathe will be fresher and the atmosphere healthier.

Lavender, Geranium, and Patchouli Essential Oil blend awakens your senses with a floral bouquet of fresh cut green grass mixed with wild flowers. It is refreshing, uplifting intellectual notes balance and subdue a calm, where there was tension and fatigued.
This blend supports a healthy respiratory system, calms the central nervous system, clears mental fatigue and balances out high stress levels.

Do not ignore the potential to change the dry effects dry air has caused on your skin. You can protect the skin from dehydration by using Lavender Sunshine Lotion. It protects the skin barrier and holds moisture in the skin. With added Red Raspberry Seed Oil to my lotion you will feel the super moisturizing effects, the hydration, and enjoy the appearance of healthy beauty. If you prefer Lavender Moisturizing Cream to lotions; you will enjoy the rich moisturizing effects from our
Virgin Coconut Oil and Lavender to revitalize new collagen and skin fiber. This penetrates deeply and softens the driest skin.

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