Sunday, June 5, 2016

Aromatherapy Nurtures Youthful Vibrant Skin at Any Age

Healthy Youthful Skin With Aromatherapy

Cellular regeneration is the key to healthy, youthful skin. Some key components for cellular regeneration within the skin, are solar energy cells. Solar energy cells, are known as, the “Bonghan corpuscles”. A Korean researcher, in the year 1917, discovered the Bonghan corpuscles. The Langerhans cells, in the pancreas, are closely related to the solar energy cells, and are the seat of photosynthesis in humans. The light mediated process, known as photosynthesis in plants, is the same photosynthesis that is metabolized in humans. Essential oils is the result, of the mediation from the sun light, developed in plants, and the vitality of our metabolism, for the regeneration of new cells. Essential Oils, play a major role in the regeneration of new cells, providing amino acids, antioxidants and oxygen to maintain the health, elasticity, and the bounty of youth. Essential oils stimulate our circulation, adding oxygen to our blood, energizes the cells, and boosts metabolism, allowing regeneration to take place.
Using essential oils, for anti-aging, to combat wrinkles, works at different speeds for different people. The umbrella of protection, our skin receives from essential oils, I personally consider our “Skincare Guardian”.
There are many anti-aging essential oils to combat wrinkles. You can use a single oil or choose from the list and make your own personal essence. The fonder you are of the aroma, the more you will enjoy using essential oils.
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Lavender Essential Oil

Clary Sage Essential Oil 

1) Clary Sage
2) Geranium
3) Lavender
4) Orange
5) Patchouli
6) German Chamomile
7) Myrrh
8) Frankincense
9) Lemon
10) Hyssop
11) Carrot Seed
12) Lime
13) Rosemary

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