Friday, August 19, 2016

Plants & People Have Skeletal an Anatomical Comparisons

The Skeletal Structure of Plants Pair With Vitality!

 Root Esssential Oils have an affinity to all the reflexology connectors in the feet, which trigger all the vital  organs in our body. Root essential oils are  grounding, stabilizing, and strengthening just like the roots of the trees and feet of people.  Essential oils placed on the feet, is a jolt and an alarm to nurture and calm the central nervous system ans the immune system.  Little finger let chords at the end of nerves trigger a pulse which travels by the nerve chords to the organ the nerves are connected too as targets.  Our roots spread far and wide to  strengthen and nurture the whole body. 

Here are some of the characteristics and actions of our blends and single essential oils...

 Moontide Aromatherapy is grounding for the emotional ups and downs. Strengthening, it helps you focus and relive stress. It is balancing and calms the central nervous system, which protects you from chronic skin conditions and dis-ease.


 Wood Essential Oils:
    Opens consciousness, traditional use for rituals, meditation, and yoga. Develops strength and endurance. Works with the immune system to ward off pathogenic, microbial organisms.

     Many floral oils have an affinity with the reproductive system. The are warming and comforting for the heart and emotions. The open the endocrine system, balancing the flow neural pathways.

    Leaf Essential Oils:
     Have a strong affinity for the Respiratory System.
        Leaves support the Lungs.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil,
 A broad spectrum anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti fungal. Clears air passages and soothes the lungs.

                               Fruit Essential Oil
   Nourishment for our mind and emotions. Sunshine in a bottle, similar to Vitamin D.

               Resin Essential Oil:  Frankincense, so many attributes. Removes fatigued and the ill conditions which show up in the skin, painful joints and muscles, and stressed out central nervous system which causes the mental fatigue. I add Frankincense and Patchouli to the Ultimate Tonic Blend and Ultimate Tonic Lotion. It is calming and relaxing. You can feel the anti-inflammatory compounds working in your skin. All of a sudden your arms are not as tense.


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