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How To Reduce the Harmful Side Effects Of Stress

                                                      BELLA FIORI - (Beautiful Flower)             
Bella Fiori' Collection
Promotes Physical and Emotional Well Being Reducing the                                                    Harmful Effects Stress. 
Bella Fiori's blend of essential oil promotes relaxation, dampens tension, and calms down the sympathetic nervous system, instilling peace and harmony.

                                Bella Fiori’ Essential Oil Blend
Instills Peace and Harmony.   
Nurtures the Sympathetic Nervous System by supporting the Parasympathetic System. 
Restores Balance.  
Eliminates Stressful Free Radicals. 
Revitalizes Healthy Beauty. 

Beautiful Flower
                   The Lilly of the field does not toil or spin, it's beauty                                                           lies within.

  The sympathetic nervous system has stimulatory effects on stress which is congruent with the overall aging process. It parallels the breakdown of your whole being by dissipating energy. Stress hormones are equivalent to free radicals in the amount of damage they cause. Adrenaline and noradrenaline when released by the body under stress for long periods of time, breaks down into adrenochrome, a well-known free radical whose excess concentrations have been linked as building blocks toward schizophrenia.  Free radical compounds break down cell membranes and disrupt the electron transfer system of our cellular energy metabolism. These free radicals further oxidize in our systems increasing free radical damage to cell membranes. The oxidized damage accelerates aging and chronic disease; instilling stressful degeneration of your entire holistic system.  
  The over stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system has the same destructive effect as all other sources of stress such as physical injuries, viral and bacterial infection, and the dehumanizing effects from environmental pollution and their toxic effects. 
Bella Fiori Essential Oil Blend
  The parasympathetic nervous system has relaxing effects and is responsible for secreting acetylcholine, which removes tension and fatigue from muscles.  Bella Fiori Blend supports this system, promotes relaxation, dampens tension, and calms down the sympathetic nervous system, instilling peace and harmony.  Belle Fiore Blend relieves  fatigue, slows down the precursor stress hormones and nurtures the heart and the central nervous system. 
               Bella Fiori Essential Oil Blend is a designed to help you                                                             Relax... 
            Bella Fiori Aroma Mist is practical and may be sprayed on your body throughout the day. It has been used to help reduce anxiety, stress, and insomnia.
    Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, helps bring about a sense of relaxation                                     and balances equilibrium.                                                         
 Bergamot Essential Oil, is one of the most uplifting aromas, it supports the endocrine system and is calming yet balancing while supporting a healthy holistic system. It’s unique support system nurtures and relieves anxiety, stress, and tension. 
Cedarwood Essential Oil, calms the central nervous system by supporting the endocrine balance of hormones associated with deep sleep. It helps you center so you can focus and meditate. 
Clary Sage Essential Oil, is well known for its ability to calm the mind, balance the central nervous system and relieve nervous tension, anxiety, depression and for its calming euphoric effects.
Lime Essential Oil, is uplifting and refreshing.  This uplifting aroma refreshes a tired mind and relieves fatigue, especially beneficial for apathy, depression, and anxiety.
The beauty of Bella Fiori is the blend, it is designed with a variety of essential oils and available in many different skincare lines. Being versatile in your use of essential oils and skincare products will enhance your well being and holistic, healthy beauty. You are more valuable than all the lilies of the field and created to illuminate as vibrantly.
                                                       Beautiful Flower-(Bella Fiori')

Bella Fiori Cream is a Moisturizer with Therapeutic Effects

Bella Fiori Lotions therapeutic intentions is to nurture your well being with healthy beauty.
Bella Fiori the 'Beautiful Flower'

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